One of the unintended consequences of our robust economy is a shortage in many semi-skilled labor categories, including facility and building maintenance technicians. UII has developed a training program to address this particular labor shortage that targets individuals who have experienced difficulty in moving from welfare dependency to productive, salaried jobs. This training program covers basic skills that UII has taught to military personnel for more than two decades.

Lesson topics include:

Basic training in builder skills including carpentry, tile laying and cement repair
Interior and exterior finish including painting and preservation
Minor repairs of drywall, doors, windows, and suspended ceilings
Electrical maintenance and minor repairs of electrical outlets and interior wiring
Maintenance and troubleshooting of mechanical equipment including duct intake and exhaust systems, and of air conditioning and boiler malfunctions
Sheet metal layout and cutting to support repair and maintenance activities
Maintenance and installation of small plumbing fixtures, pipes, and ducts.


Training Period: 10-20 Weeks.