Vocational Programs

UII develops a comprehensive, integrated educational and job training services program that delivers individualized basic skills instruction. The curriculum provides education in mathematics, reading, writing, and GED preparation. With our diverse background in training, UII combines traditional teacher-mediated learning with intensive, self-paced computer-based learning tools and multimedia self-instructional materials. Our outreach and recruitment strategies include:


  • on-site recruitment in the targeted communities

  • community forums

  • outreach through “gatekeepers” and other key informants

The Vocational Curriculum is an amalgam and adaptation of three curricula:

  • On-site On the Job Training (OJT) helps students obtain jobs or enter into an apprenticeship or other modes of advanced training. The materials emphasize basic computer competencies; use of tools; safe work practices; and other basic computer skills and knowledge.

  • Vocational classroom training is presented at UII facilities in fully equipped computer classroom to conduct vocational technology training.

  • Work Readiness develops pre-employment and job readiness skills including skills such as job searching, meeting recruiters’ expectations, demonstrating strong work habits like punctuality and consistent attendance, cooperating with peers and supervisors, coping with peer pressure and antagonism, and exploring growth and advancement opportunities.