It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to our company. I think you'll find that UII has been blessed with some of the most capable professionals and subject matter experts in the world. It's one thing for me or someone affiliated with UII to make a statement like this, but having met with our customers, I can say it and back it up with heart-felt testimonials!

Thanks to our commitment to quality, listening, understanding and exceeding the needs of our customers, UII has developed a very loyal customer base that has proven time and again that they are not only happy to have us as a supplier, but will fight to keep us as a service provider. Earning the trust of a customer is the ultimate goal for any business. I am proud to say that more than 90 percent of the customers that have come to UII for any reason have returned to us for additional services.

It is important to remind ourselves that it is individuals that make a company what it is. We at UII take this responsibility seriously, and have taken great strides to make our company the “Culture of Excellence” that it has been since 1970. I invite you to explore our web site, but know that it is the people behind the site that make the difference. We look forward to working with you and helping you meet your upcoming challenges.

All the best,
Theodore A. Adams, III
President and CEO

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Stever Robbins (HBS MBA '91) writes The Leadership Workshop, an interactive monthly column answering questions from readers on management issues.