Technology innovation has become the mantelpiece of productivity for modern business. Utilizing technology to full advantage depends on the knowledge, quality, and dedication to achieving new and less costly ways of doing business. From top management to entry-level support staff, we help you realize the potential of your people through training and knowledge transfer.

UII is a leader in the delivery of instructor-led maintenance skills training in logistics. We provide written and/or practical performance testing, training material revision and development, maintenance technique research, and computer-based/web-enabled training programs.


UII helps you take advantage of technology's potential through training innovation in several ways. Our professional staff can assist your employees implement and manage commercial training products and services including interactive electronic technical manuals, instructional materials, embedded computer-based instruction, and automated distance learning classes. We can also assist your in-house training staff to adapt traditional paper-based curricula to multi-media formats. And, if you want to build in-house training capabilities, we can also train your employees in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) training development products.


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