Substance Abuse Prevention Programs

UII combats the use and misuse of alcohol, marijuana, stimulants, hallucinogens and other drugs in our Substance Abuse Prevention Program.  We combine the expertise of counselors, certified teachers, and child development specialists to create a familiar, supportive environment for at-risk youth that emphasizes education, prevention, and intervention.   Our goal is to teach young people the dangers of substance abuse, promote healthy lifestyle alternatives, and instill positive patterns and habits.

In this program, UII incorporates themes such as family history and customs, peer pressure, and personal/civic responsibility. Specifically, UII’s Prevention Activities include:

  • alcohol and drug education

  • anger management

  • social development

  • self-esteem building

  • decision making techniques

UII’s Intervention Activities include:

  • individual counseling

  • family counseling

  • case management

  • parent education program

  • mentoring

  • mediation

  • referrals