School-Based Academic Enrichment Programs

The UII Child Academic Enrichment Programs are programs in which students of the target group and community participate in daily sessions of learning, creativity, and peer interaction. UII offers these programs after school during the school year and all-day programs (six to eight weeks) during the summer months.


During a regular school year, UII implements The Child Enrichment Program. The program aims to cultivate students’ skills and consequently, boost students’ confidence and improve academic performance.   The rationale for The Child Enrichment Academic Program is derived from the premise that our two educational goals -- academic achievement and character development -- are complementary and occur concurrently. UII recognizes that students who are self-disciplined, hard working, and introduced to a variety of subject areas value learning and achieve higher scores on achievement tests.

In the Child Academic Enrichment Program, UII coordinates with a parental support group and the child’s school to implement sessions in five academic areas – Computer Technology, Reading, Visual Arts, Computer Technology, and focus sessions entitled   “Homework Help”. The academic areas combine classroom instruction and artistic, athletic, and recreational activities. This design is intended to supplement or extend the skills that are taught in the regular class sessions at the child’s school. Lesson content under each area was determined primarily on Virginia Standards Of Learning guidelines for instructional strategies.   However, we also rely on knowledge and experience from past successful programs to go beyond these standards and design a model appropriate for the students.