Rail Transit Safety Assurance Manager

Location: Boston, MA

Unified Industries Incorporated (UII) is seeking qualified Rail Transit System Safety Assurance Manager applicants. The successful candidate must be motivated and seek professional growth in the passenger rail industry. Candidate will be responsible for developing System Safety Cases and working with customers and authorities on methodology for Safety Management and Safety demonstration. The ideal candidate will be a key contributor to project requirements, providing substantial knowledge from a safety and regulatory perspective.

The duties and responsibilities of the Safety Assurance Manager include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Manage the Safety Assurance methodology and ensure compliance based on best practice and integration to state, local, and federal wide assurance frameworks

  • Establish and maintain Safety Assurance Plans, Safety Analyses, Hazard Logs, Safety Reports, etc.

  • Analyze and monitor technological and functionality regulatory standards and requirements

  • Manage project safety assurance activities, and provide safety assurance advice

  • Ensure compliance and adherence to the Safety Management System and obligations under the Rail Safety accreditation throughout the project lifecycle

  • Identify and manage safety risks during project lifecycles

  • Conduct internal audits and inspections to ensure safety compliance

  • Produce safety assurance technical documentation and reports

  • Present reports and documentation to clients, safety authorities, partners, and other professionals

  • Provide project guidance to ensure compliance with safety management systems and safety related requirements

Minimum Qualifications, Skills, and Experience

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in Rail Industry safety change and system safety related discipline with relevant experience in project management and/or Quality and Assurance Management candidates with successful experience in other complex high risk/high reliability environments including transportation vehicles such as aircraft or merchant/maritime vessels may be considered

  • Knowledge and experience in System Safety Engineering Practices

  • Knowledge and experience in transit operations, facilities, vehicles, rules and procedures

  • Ability to facilitate hazard identification workshops and stakeholder engagement

  • Competence in performing safety assurance activities and assessments to produce safety documents as required by the Safety Management System and project safety requirements

  • Knowledge of the methods and practices of investigations, research methods, analysis, data compilation, and report presentation

  • Ability to interpret and apply federal, state, and local regulations

  • Strong project management, analytical, and interpretation skills

How to Apply

To be considered for this position, please email your detailed resume outlining qualifications, experience, and availability to John Toye, VP of Business Development at toye@uii.com.

UII is a minority owned certified small business which provides services to government and commercial industries. UII’s expertise encompasses Logistics, Training Development and Delivery, Information Technology, Metrology & Calibration, Consulting, and Quality Assurance services.

UII is an Equal Opportunity Employer with a strong commitment to supporting and retaining a diverse and talented workforce.