Program Management and Focused Solutions

Get the support and services you need to smoothly and efficiently run your organization or business from UII. Specializing in quality assurance, program management, and engineering services, we take pride in developing programs and delivering tailored assistance to meet your needs.

UII plans, budgets, and schedules your project and ensures its success through all phases of development. UII helps you identify scope, stay on schedule, and accomplish tasks. 

Engineering Services

UII provides professional Engineering Services in all areas of infrastructure and public transportation. We realize the undoubted benefits of technology for project management, bringing greater visibility to project plans, activities, and progress. UII plans, budgets, and schedules projects and ensures its success through all phases of development. We help identify scope, schedule, and accomplishment of tasks.

Calibration & Metrology Services

UII can assist you in the development, management and implementation of your calibration or test equipment program by providing critical tasks on your behalf.

Public Transportation Quality Assurance Services

UII’s Public Transportation services minimize overhead costs for maintenance and repair while maximizing throughput. UII ensures that various elements of a quality system are effective and suitable for achieving quality policies and objectives, product or service realization, and customer satisfaction.

Logistics and Life Cycle Support (LCS) Services

UII specializes in comprehensive assessments of life cycle requirements to identify organizational needs in support of life cycle management efficiency at all levels.

Technical Training Services

UII has detailed experience encompassing the complete training support from initial training needs analysis through final design, development, and delivery. Our training courses cover a broad spectrum of topics, including construction trade, industrial maintenance, instructional and curriculum development, and organizational management.

Logistics Support

With UII, your strategies achieve operational efficiency, manage costs, and improve asset utilization throughout your supply chain.

Technical Training

We make your equipment and systems easy to maintain and operate through clear and thorough documentation developed by the most knowledgeable technicians in the field. 

Quality Management Training

Team building and training enhance top management, employees, and other stakeholders’ acceptance of a quality management system.