On-site Test Equipment Analysis

UII has amassed over twenty years of extensive onboard test equipment experience on SSN and SSBN platforms, establishing a complete knowledge base for Navy test equipment configuration, location and status. The commonality of installed and portable instrumentation models used within the Department of Defense, and in other government and industry environments, facilitates UII’s capability to rapidly and accurately accomplish onboard/on-site data collection and validation tasks to meet your many test equipment inventory control requirements.  

Working closely with your technical requirements, UII can conduct inventory validations and data collection tasks, while minimizing the impacts to daily operations in the workplace. Our organization will provide the expert product and technical assistance necessary to meet your requirements. Our capabilities are readily available and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Automatic Identification Technology

Metrology & Calibration Services accomplishes a variety of tasks using Automatic Identification Technology, a dynamic suite of technologies that allows users to capture and transfer data. Tasks include: 

  • Utilization of hand-held PCs to expedite data collection

  • Utilization of customer bar codes

  • On-site data analysis and evaluations to provide

    • Allowance accountability

    • Test equipment location validation

    • Calibration status reporting

    • Tailored report generation

  • Customer formatted data uploads

  • Onboard/On-site Support Point of Contact

On-site Verification and Reporting

UII utilizes advanced software to address:

  • Installed and/or portable test equipment

  • Baseline matching and configuration comparison analysis

  • Tracking of test equipment change

  • Automatic data correction

  • Establishment of customer calibration recalls

Bar Coding Technology

UII uses Bar Coding Technology for:

  • Generation and application of Mil-Spec and/or Code 39 bar codes to meet your specific needs

  • Generation and support of new generation 2-D bar codes to meet updated requirements