Leadership & Team Building

America's military employs training programs that prepare individuals to function as members of highly effective teams, frequently under adverse conditions. Operation Desert Storm and the Bosnia campaign dramatically showcased the importance of leadership and teamwork in successful military operations.

UII presents a unique series of courses that apply the best military principles of team building and leadership to personnel development and management at all levels of business organizations, from entry-level staff and professionals to seasoned executives.


Entry-Level Professionals. These courses and workshops are steeped in the military tradition of demanding effective leadership and team solutions from all personnel. Training emphasizes development of communication skills and techniques that leaders use to organize, direct, and support teams.


Mid-Level Management. Mid-level managers are responsible not only for translating executivevision and business expectations into corporate policies, but also for the professional development of personnel throughout an organization. These workshops focus on leadership skills and team building solutions for mid-level managers with either organization-wide or highly specialized sector responsibilities.



  • Strategic Planning for Business Management of Technology Innovation

  • Risk Assesment & Crisis Management

Specialized Sectors

  • Chemical & Biological Urban Terrorism: Leadership of Civilian Response

  • Teams in the First 2 Hours

  • Communication & Leadership Skills for Managers


Executive Workshops. Workshops at this level are specially tailored to bring leadership and team building precepts honored by Navy and Marine Corps officers for more than two millennia to the unique needs of each client's executive management.

  • New Models for Federal Defense Business.


Training Periods for All Workshops and Courses: 2-5 Days.



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