Mentoring Programs

UII’s Mentoring Program targets at-risk youth between the ages of 12 and 17.  Poverty, physical abuse, and emotional abuse are common household factors shared by at-risk youth who are susceptible to engaging in crime, illicit sexual behavior, and school dropout.   In our Mentoring Program, UII matches at-risk children with positive role models to provide guidance and encouragement as an alternative to negative influences in their environment. The program’s principal goals are to:

  • Reduce juvenile delinquency and gang participation

  • Improve academic performance

  • Provide guidance in community advocacy programs

UII recruits mentors from a variety of backgrounds and occupations; law enforcement officers, teachers, and college students are some examples of past mentors.   New mentors are provided orientation and training in topics such as Relationship Building, Mentor Responsibilities, and Emergency Procedures.   If you are interested in becoming a mentor with UII’s Mentoring Program, please complete a Mentor Application and submit it online.