Measurement Traceability at Detroit Edison

The Challenge

Detroit Edison in Warren, MI was located in the original Ford motorcar factory. Their standards calibration laboratory was located in one of the oldest buildings. The laboratory had severe space limitations and was not able to maintain the required stringent environment controls needed to ensure measurement traceability. They had been unable to pass 3rd party laboratory certification audits because of their facility problems. The decision was made to build a new laboratory. Laboratory personnel did not have the expertise to design a new laboratory.

The Solution

On-site with the client and their architect, UII’s Metrology Services Director developed a laboratory design construction requirements package using the National Conference of Standards Laboratories (NCSL) Recommended Practice RP-7, Laboratory Design as a guide. UII and a NCSL government-industry committee wrote RP-7.

The Impact

Detroit Edison used the laboratory design project booklet to draw up electrical, mechanical and structural drawings for the construction of a new laboratory that met their space and environmental needs.