Life Cycle Support

UII understands that business organizations today depend on outsourcing many of their essential requirements to support technology. Knowledge of scope and the magnitude of requirements is mandatory to minimize time-consuming false starts, unnecessary purchases, and cost overruns.

UII provides systems engineering, training and technical support and spanning the spectrum of life cycle support planning and execution from program inception to delivery of direct support to personnel.  

We assess all aspects of life cycle support planning using information flows, functionality, and architecture. Based on our assessment, we develop life cycle support business process models and make recommendations to improve processes.

Organized on our 25 years of corporate training program innovation, UII's Telogistics™ group specializes in comprehensive assessments of life cycle training requirements, with particular attention to requirements for enhancing technology life cycles. We work with your professional staff to identify the training your organization needs to support life cycle management efficiency at all levels. Our Telogistics™ consulting staff includes Senior Executive Management Consultants with 25 years or more of professional experience in Training Program Management, and Curriculum Development Specialists, Instructors, Training Logisticians, and Technology Specialists in Digital and Multi-Media Training Formats.

UII's Telogistics™ professionals are ready to provide your organization with an exploratory, methodical assessment of your technology-driven training needs or a comprehensive turnkey solution, complete with courses designed to meet those needs and delivered to your sites anywhere in the world, as well as any assistance your in-house staff requires to implement long-term training plans to address the life cycle requirements of technology.