Inter-Laboratory Comparison Program (ILCP)

UII provides a unique ILCP capability for your multi-faceted laboratory structure, to evaluate your adherence or compliance to quality requirements. UII’s non-accredited ILCP provides the capability to:

•  Validate measurement capability;

•  Identify and correct measurement error;

•  Assess technical proficiency and calibration procedures;

•  Verify adequacy of laboratory environment;

•  Provide evidence of measurement traceability; and

•  Demonstrate measurement comparability between laboratories.

Comparative Parameters

UII’s Inter-Laboratory Comparison Program:

•  Provides comparative parameters

•  Defines parameters supported

•  Validates uncertainty capabilities

•  Defines the process (dual measurement sample process)

•  Links to Scope of Competency

Quality System Evaluations

•  Process for establishing limits

•  Evaluation of measurement uncertainties

•  Link to Quality Systems

Measurement System Analysis

•  Use Youden Plots to define systematic Type A and Type B errors

•  Produce sample Youden Plots to explain systematic and/or random error