Enterprise Resource Planning at SPAWAR

The Challenge:

In the implementation of a software-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system at headquarters, the Space and Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) experienced a number of difficulties. With geographically dispersed sites, complicated procedures, schedule constraints, and the operational complexity of ERP software module integration, SPAWAR was at risk of losing efficiency at the cost of change management.

The Solution:

Using our experience in Navy operations and financial processes, UII provided Requirements Definition, Design, Realization, and Implementation of the new ERP system. We provided reengineering services of SPAWAR's operations and the assurance that the ERP, as implemented, will fully meet SPAWAR’s expectations.

The Impact:

UII's ERP system empowered SPAWAR to conduct all financial management, project management, material management and personnel functions through an integrated application that fully and efficiently supports these functions.