Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Repair

Lesson topics include:

  • Blueprint reading; 
  • Precision measuring instruments; 
  • Principles of operation; 
  • Repair and maintenance of valves, switches, and condensers;
  • System defrosting, charging, leak detection, and evacuation; and 
  • Troubleshooting reciprocating, self-contained, and centrifugal air conditioning systems. 

Training Period: 3 Weeks. Continuing Education Units (CEU) Award: 12 Units.

Utilitiesmen Construction Trade Skills: Intermediate & Advanced

Courses provide specialized training in advanced construction trade skills. The list of courses is below:

  • Plumbing;
  • Shore-based Boilers;
  • Pumps and Compressors;
  • Water Treatment;
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; and
  • Sewage Disposal and Field Sanitation.

Training Period: 2-5 Weeks. Continuing Education Units (CEU) Award: 8-20 depending on length of course.

EPA Refrigerant Technician Certification

Lesson topics include:

  • Safe handling of refrigerants;
  • Ozone depletion;
  • The Montreal Protocol;
  • The Clean Air Act;
  • Replacement refrigerants;
  • Leak testing and detection;
  • Refrigerant oil; and
  • Type I, Type II, and Type III Certification. 

The instructor will administer an EPA Certification Exam upon completion of the course. All personnel are eligible to take this training if their work associated with refrigerants requires EPA certification. 

Training Period: 1 Week. Continuing Education Units (CEU) Award: No CEUs awarded.

Lesson topics include:

  • Basic training in builder skills including carpentry, tile laying, and cement repair;
  • Interior and exterior finish including painting and preservation; 
  • Minor repairs of drywall, doors, windows, and suspended ceilings; 
  • Electrical maintenance and minor repairs of electrical outlets and interior wiring; 
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of mechanical equipment including duct intake and exhaust systems, and of air conditioning and boiler malfunctions; 
  • Sheet metal layout and cutting to support repair and maintenance activities; and
  • Maintenance and installation of small plumbing fixtures, pipes, and ducts. 

Training Period: 5-15 Weeks. Continuing Education Units(CEU) Award: None at this time.

Facility & Building Maintenance Technician

Lesson topics include:

  • Analysis of hose failure; 
  • Hose and fitting identification; 
  • Hose assembly and testing; 
  • Operation of the dogleg assembly machine; 
  • Hose installation procedures; and 
  • Repair of broken and leaking flexible hoses.

Training Period: 2 Weeks. Continuing Education Units (CEU) Award: 8 Units.

Flex Hose Repair

Lesson topics include:

  • Fitup and joint assembly procedures;
  • Blueprint reading; 
  • Pipe cutting; 
  • End preparation; 
  • Targeting; 
  • Wire templates and allowances; 
  • Bending, fitting, joining, and assembly; 
  • Silver brazing;
  • RISIC connectors; and 
  • Swage fittings. 

Training Period: 3 Weeks. Continuing Education Units(CEU) Award: 12 Units.

Piping Fabrication & Repair

Lesson topics include:

  • Basic utility mathematics; 
  • General introduction to utilities operations;  
  • Maintenance and repairs;  
  • Silver soldering of copper pipe and tube;  
  • Interior and exterior waste and water systems; and  
  • Fixture installation. 

Training Period: 2-5 Weeks. Continuing Education Units (CEU) Award: 8-20 Units.

Utilitiesman I

Lesson topics include:

  • HVAC/R fundamentals; 
  • Electricity and cathodic protection; 
  • Pump maintenance; 
  • Heating systems; and 
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 

Training Period: 2-5 Weeks. Continuing Education Units (CEU) Award: 8-20 Units.

Utilitiesman II