Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing

This course provides theory and practical training in manual and symbolic FANUC Auto Program Tool (FAPT) programming for the lathe and mill machines. Lesson topics include:

  • Basic use of computer equipment; and
  • MS-DOS and Windows operating systems for Print-a-Plot and TekSoft CAD/CAM systems (including ProCAD, ProMill, and ProLathe).

The course or similar experience can be a prerequisite for the Computer Numerically-Controlled (CNC) Machine Training course. 

Training Period: 3 Weeks. Continuing Education Units(CEU) Award: 12 Units.

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machine Training

Lesson topics include:

  • Manual and symbolic FANUC Auto Program Tool (FAPT) programming; and
  • Operator control panel operations for the lathe and mill and machine setup.

Training Period: 5 Weeks. Continuing Education Units (CEU) Award: 20 Units.

 Electrical Construction Trade Skills: Intermediate & Advanced

Courses provide specialized training in advanced construction trade skills. The list of courses is below:

  • Motors and Controllers;
  • Cable Splicing;
  • Interior Wiring;
  • Motor and Generator Rewind;
  • Power Distribution Systems;
  • Solid-state Fundamentals;
  • Bucket Truck/Auger Truck Operations; and
  • Telephone Exchange and Distribution Systems.

Training Period: 2-5 Weeks. Continuing Education Units(CEU) Award: 8-20 depending on length of course.

Lesson topics include:

  • Basic mathematics for electricians,
  • Principles of electricity,
  • Interior distribution systems and interior wiring, and
  • Maintenance and repair of motors and motor controllers, and MEP generators.

Training Period: 2-5 Weeks Continuing Education Units (CEU) Award: 8-20 Units.

Electrician Construction Skills I

Lesson topics include:

  • Basic training in builder skills including carpentry, tile laying, and cement repair;
  • Interior and exterior finish including painting and preservation; 
  • Minor repairs of drywall, doors, windows, and suspended ceilings; 
  • Electrical maintenance and minor repairs of electrical outlets and interior wiring; 
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of mechanical equipment including duct intake and exhaust systems, and of air conditioning and boiler malfunctions; 
  • Sheet metal layout and cutting to support repair and maintenance activities; and
  • Maintenance and installation of small plumbing fixtures, pipes, and ducts. 

Training Period: 5-15 Weeks. Continuing Education Units(CEU) Award: None at this time.

Electrician Construction Skills II

Lesson topics include:

  • Pole climbing, 
  • Introduction to distributive systems, 
  • Overhead distributive systems, and 
  • Maintenance and repair of distributive systems.

Training Period: 2-5 Weeks. Continuing Education Units (CEU) Award: 8-20 Units.

Facility & Building Maintenance Technician