Chemical/Biological Response Training for Civilian Agencies

The threat of chemical and biological weapons in modern warfare is now a concern for civilian emergency response agencies, which must be prepared to counter the use of these weapons in heavily populated regions of the country. 

Drawing on its extensive experience in providing this training to military reserve units for the last 10 years, UII has developed a civilian emergency response training program that can be adapted to the unique requirements of local and regional governments.

Customers may tailor an instructional program to address their particular concerns, ranging from deployment of sniper-control response teams and mine detection surveys within secure perimeter defense zones to establishing medical evacuation procedures and sector decontamination stations and/or conducting land or water-directed counter-insurgency procedures. 

This training concludes with simulated response drills to assess the customer's chem/bio emergency response readiness.

Training Period: 2-3 Weeks.