Chemical, Biological, & Radiological (CBR) Personal Protection Decontamination

Lesson topics include: 

  • United States policy regarding nuclear weapons, biological weapons, and chemical weapons;

  • Mission-oriented protective posture levels (MOPP levels) and how to don the MCU/2P gas mask and all protective gear;

  • Completing the confidence test of the mask, including clearing the mask inside a chamber in MOPP 4;

  • Types, symptoms, and effects of chemical weapons (nerve, blister, blood and choking agents), biological weapons (toxins, bacteria, viral, and fungal agents), and nuclear weapons (blast and levels of radiation);

  • Administering first aid to individuals who have been exposed to those agents and all self-aid antidotes and measures;

  • Learning and performing procedures and requirements for individual decontamination; and

  • Removal and disposal of contaminated clothing, first aid material, and personnel equipment.

Training Period: 2 Days.