Total Facilities Management Consulting Services for AbilityOne Contracts 

UII provides an array of Total Facilities Management (TFM) consulting services to SourceAmerica and its network of community-based NPAs in securing and improving federal and commercial contracts through the AbilityOne Program. The scope of our consulting services encompasses various phases of business support for government and commercial contracts from the initial review of Performance Work Statements (PWS) requirements through conducting performance assessments of NPAs already performing contracts under the AbilityOne Program. UII provides consulting services in support of the following areas: 

Business Plan Development: UII conducts business planning process support for the roll-out of comprehensive line of business strategies, objectives and related activities. This includes market research/assessments of opportunities, SWOT analysis for business plans, and development of business plans. 

Technical Support for Business Development: UII conducts technical support for the business activities. This includes proposal development assistance, coordination of technical issues in TFM technology, development of templates for TFM proposal documents, and providing TFM capability briefings to Federal agencies. 

Sales and Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation: UII provides SourceAmerica TFM/SCM Program Teams with a diverse set of collateral needs for the TFM/SCM Programs.  This includes creation of capability statements, development of Sales & Marketing Key Account Management plans, development of internal sales and marketing training, Construction of business cases for starting up in TFM industry, and development of and analysis of surveys. 

Selection of TFM/SCM Technology Solution(s): UII provides SourceAmerica and its affiliated NPAs with selection of technology vendors and solutions based on contract requirements or SourceAmerica initiatives to find and select best-of-breed TFM technology for its affiliated NPAs. This includes the analysis of functional and technical requirements for technology solutions, creation of selection criteria and evaluation methodologies, and identifying relevant TFM technology vendors. 

Operational Assessment Process: UII conducts TFM Operational Assessments to support SourceAmerica successfully in obtaining TFM support service contracts and enhance TFM support service performance, skill and customer satisfaction. This includes: 

·         Basic Assessment Activities to review of all PWS documents, plans, and contract performance and reporting requirements.

·         Information Technology Systems Analysis to review Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to ensure they support all the required TFM contract execution and reporting requirements.

·         Development of TFM Performance Measurement tools to support customer’s satisfaction and comply with the contract terms/conditions, and comparing current TFM practices to the performance measurement.  

Development of TFM/SCM Best Practices Manuals and Models: UII assists SourceAmerica with the development of TFM/SCM Best Practices Manuals for use with NPA business partners to support identifying practices and procedures that ensure contractor success in reducing costs, extending equipment life, improving equipment efficiency, and improving TFM service processes to meet current Standard Operational Procedures incorporating Quality Control Plan/Procedures. 

TFM/SCM Training Program Support: UII provides SourceAmerica Program Management staff with support for the TFM Training Program that assists NPA Contractors in understanding and enhancing their TFM knowledgeThis includes the development of training materials and conducting formal training sessions. 

Relevance to Supporting NPAs: AbilityOne contracts contain numerous PWS documents and Technical Exhibits TEs that must be completely understood and evaluated prior to an NPA conducting an accurate capability assessment and contract pricing estimates. These contracts require the development of several detailed plans (Transition Plan, Management Plan, Quality Control Plan, Staffing Plan, etc...) to execute contract requirements. UII provides the following consulting elements in support of securing and improving federal and commercial contracts through the AbilityOne Program:  

v  Review of Contract PWS Requirements

v  Review of Contract TEs for Accuracy

v  Risk Analysis, Identification and Mitigation

v  Development of Required Plans

v  Evaluation of Contract Performance

v  Contracting Officer Meeting Support

v  Capture of Equipment & Capital Costs

v  Contract Communication Improvements

v  Identification and Pricing of CLINs

v  Conducting Gap Analysis

v  Business Development Plans

v  CDRLs Review

v  SWOT Analysis

v  Operational Assessments

v  Business Performance Measuring Tools

v  Training Development & Delivery

v  Workload Capture and Staffing Requirements

v  Quality Assurance & Control Support

v  Information Technology System Support

v  Industry Best Practices Identification