Technical Skills Training


UII’s Training is designed to quickly produce skilled operators and technicians with the knowledge and skills to accomplish construction and maintenance repairs. Our courses are taught at the customers' location, using their actual tools and equipment, to accomplish daily work. The courses combine formal lecture and theory with practical application via demonstration and over-the-shoulder teaching from a Subject Matter Expert who is also a skilled instructor.


UII’s Training is designed to meet the needs of technicians. The core concept of UII’s Training is that of a mentor/instructor who works with his/her trainees to move them along the training continuum from pretested levels of knowledge and skills to achievement of course objectives. UII’s Training is responsive. It began over 25 years ago as US Navy’s Shop Qualification Improvement Program (SQIP), when the Navy determined that lack of adequate training was the cause of lack of self-sufficiency and poor quality work at repair maintenance facilities, Since then, customers have benefited from the increased knowledge and skills of close to 140,000 graduates.


UII Training is developed and delivered by UII.  The instructor force consists of senior technicians, who are certified teachers in the skill trades and are Master Training Specialists as well as respected experts in their skill specialties. Because each customer has a unique set of training requirements for the work they accomplish, the training is customized from the existing developed content to capture the exact training needs unique to the customer. This ensures that the students receive the latest and best defined training materials to meet contractual and Performance Work Statement (PWS) requirements.


Program Objectives


The goal of UII Training Program is to improve the construction and maintenance skills of technicians assigned to the particular skills trades. UII’s training will develop and enhance the skills and confidence level of employees making them more highly qualified technicians. This in turn creates increased productivity, less downtime, and cost-savings for a company. Customers that invest in UII Training provide the opportunity for employees to continue expanding their knowledge base and troubleshooting skills to cover operational to intermediate level repair skills. Courses are taught at the customers’ location with the following objectives:

  • On-the-job construction and skills training in correct maintenance procedures and processes

  • Expertly supervised repair of equipment while trainees are learning

  • Support for a customer’s maintenance self-sufficiency by emphasizing the need to continue on-the-job maintenance training

  • Identification of tools, equipment, and technical documentation required to properly perform maintenance

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of training by pretesting and post-testing trainees

  • Reviewing longer-term results of the training through abbreviated follow-up visits to customers

  • Observation of all safety hazards and environmental precautions and considerations. Utilization of general and electrical safety precautions are observed in the presentation of training and associated under-instruction work activities

Construction Skills, Fundamentals, and Safety Training Topics

  • Construction Management

  • Construction Builder Trade

  • Steelworker

  • Construction Electrician

  • Utilities Worker

  • Equipment Operator/Mechanic

  • Total Quality Management (TQM)

  • Industrial Safety

  • Blueprint Reading and Shop Mathematics

  • Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Control and Management

  • Precision Measuring Instruments

  • Oxygen Clean Worker

  • EPA Refrigerant Technician Certification

  • Preventive Maintenance Concepts

Mechanical and Electrical Skills Training Topics

  • Welding

  • Piping Fabrication and Structural Repair

  • Sheet Metal Repair

  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Repair

  • Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machine

  • Diesel Engine Repair

  • Electric Motor Repair

  • Electrical Equipment Repair

  • Glass Reinforced Plastic/Fiberglass Repair

Additional Training Development and Delivery Program Training Topics

  • Air Compressor Repair

  • Automatic Control Valve Repair

  • Boiler Repair

  • Cam Pump Repair Centrifugal Pump Repair

  • Diesel Fuel Systems And Governor Repair

  • Flex Hose Repair

  • Fleet Maintenance Activity Manager

  • Heat Exchanger, Cooler, And Distilling Plant Repair

  • Hydraulic Systems Service And Repair

  • Machinery Shaft Alignment

  • Rigging

  • Safety Valve Repair

  • Valve Repair

  • Weight Testing