Rail and Rapid Transit Inspection

UII has worked in rail transportation since the 1970's, when we began supporting the Federal Railroad Administration on the Northeast Corridor Improvement Project. Later, we were active in engineering analyses as part of the Improved Passenger Equipment Evaluation Program. Those assignments led us to the quality assurance, program management, fare collection equipment support, training and technical documentation roles we now perform.

Rail Vehicle Quality Assurance and Program Management: Quality assurance is the focus of UII's work with rail vehicle procurement programs. Starting with inspection services, UII's rail vehicle quality team has evolved to provide quality services through all stages of procurement, from design through warranty management. We are currently supporting LTK Engineering Services Inc., in their work with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). Our assignments include Engineering support, document management, and quality engineering in the procurement of the 7000 Series vehicles;

UII also performed resident inspection services in the United States, Canada, Italy, and Japan. Among the agencies served were WMATA (17 years continuous experience), Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Mass Transit Administration of Maryland (12 years experience), Metro-North Commuter Railroad, Metropolitan Transit Authority, Northern Virginia Transit Commission, and the Sacramento Light Rail Program. 

Rapid Transit Construction Management: UII professionals provided inspection and resident engineering services for the installation and qualification of the catenary, substation, and signal systems for the Baltimore Central Light Rail Line scheduling of installations and coordination among organizations to ensure just-in-time availability of equipment. UII served as construction managers for the Baltimore Region Rapid Transit System with responsibilities including the automatic fare collection system, communications, train control, vehicles start-up, testing, and safety programs.