Quality Control

Throughout the history of the company, UII professionals have been conducting quality control programs for numerous hardware and software systems.  On UII’s original contract of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and on many thereafter, the company has had to produce work that meets the highest standards of quality.  Lower standards were always unacceptable, because the organizations that that company serves must operate extremely complex systems, including rapid transit cars, guided missile frigates, aircraft carriers, and the TRIDENT weapons system. 

In every instance, UII begins it quality control services by referring to the highest standard, and then building inspection procedures that reflect those standards.  UII inspectors implement the procedures and enforce the standards.  Whenever defects are found, UII professionals follow internationally recognized best practices of documentation (often including photographs and electronic records),  insistence on root cause analysis, corrective action, follow-up, and preventive action. 

UII maintains meticulous quality records that support continual improvement and, if necessary, forensic investigation.