Highway Construction Inspection

Our Construction Inspectors deliver high quality inspection services to support the needs of the client.    We can provide many types of inspection services to support your construction project.

Safety Manager

Our Safety Managers are trained in OSHA safety strategies.  Our managers must be certified in at least one of the following: Certified Safety Specialist (CSP), Construction Health and Safety Technician (CSHT), Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) or a construction safety certificate.  UII Safety Managers keep record of injury, illness, and other job site hazards and is responsible for relaying the information on a weekly basis.  He or she also investigates and reports the nature and cause of accidents and provides recommendations on prevention techniques.

Construction Inspector

UII can provide NICET certified construction inspectors for your construction job.  We can also provide inspectors certified in ACI Concrete Field Testing & Soils and Aggregate Inspection to support your needs.  Our inspectors are trained in maintenance of traffic and erosion & sediment control requirements.

Quality Inspector

Our Quality Inspectors perform inspections at manufacturing or assembly facilities nationwide.  They document all inspections, audit and provide comprehensive reports of plant operations and quality assurance.  Upon assignment our Quality Inspectors coordinate inspection requests and assign consultant and in-house inspectors as necessary.  Furthermore, the review and follow up on all inspection reports and send recommendations to clients.

Resident Engineer

UII Resident Engineers work with the contractor and directs inspectors, interprets contract documents for compliance, coordinates with utility companies, communicates with community (if desired), monitors performance of the contractor, coordinates with regulatory agencies, identifies solutions to problems, writes and issues field orders and reports daily activities. 


Time is money.  UII is committed to making sure the project schedule is properly managed.  To support your scheduling needs, we provide full scheduling services that will develop, maintain and update schedules, prepare and analyze reports and evaluate variances.