Architectural Services


With over 40 years of combined design experience, the UII team has a vast array of architectural and interior design experience from commercial interior projects to working with the Army Corp of Engineers on a new 520,000 sq. ft. building. Our experience allows us to assist you at all levels of the design process.  UII can provide the expertise to help move any project forward, keeping it on time and under budget.


Whatever your drafting needs are, UII staff have the most up to date experience in programs such as AutoCAD, Microstation and Sketchup, which allow us to step in quickly and seamlessly to assist in getting your projects finished accurately and on time.


This specialized CAD and FM program is the future of architecture, and UII has the highly skilled personnel you can add to your team to assist in getting you through a deadline or throughout the entire project.

Drawing Code Review and Compliance Assurance

UII's experienced staff can support you as  part of the overall design process, or you can bring us in   to perform a code review for an owner that needs to have drawings independently reviewed for conformance to the applicable state and local codes., UII staff members have reviewed drawings for over 300 buildings and spaces to ensure the safety of the tenant and the peace of mind of the owner.

ADA Compliance Review and Inspections

Review and inspection of ADA compatibility has become a larger and more important segment of the construction and renovation industry. UII's team of architects and designers has the experience necessary to review compliance and assist our clients so that they understand any ADA issues that may arise.  UII can describe the overall implications so that owners can make value decisions based on the current local building codes. LEED Compliance

Sustainability is not just a thought to us at UII.  Sustainability drives how our buildings are being designed today and built tomorrow. Our years of experience will help ensure that your design is in compliance with LEED standards.  That will give you leverage to   maximize your Federal, state and local incentives and give your tenant a building that will serve them well for years to come.

Construction Administration

Often forgotten, CA is still a very important aspect of the architectural design process. As part of your team or contracted to be an independent observer, UII's team will bring experience that includes projects in fields such as educational (primary. secondary and university levels), institutional (NIH, NIAID), commercial (data centers, emergency management centers, kitchens, office spaces), and sports facilities (stadiums, Buffalo Bills Field house). Our experience will ensure that your project will stay on track.

Historic Preservation Planning, Review and construction Administration

Historic preservation can be defined as the effort to preserve and protect buildings of historical significance. This task with respect to architecture can be daunting, as the skill of the architect in understanding what exists is just as important as understanding what local codes and regulations need to be followed. Our staff members have completed projects as varied as the restoration of the oldest wood house that President Washington was known to have lived in, to the complete renovation of Bethesda Chevy Chase High School and the rehabilitation of the old Senate Office Building in DC.

Project Management/Coordination

UII has the ability, knowledge and experience to keep your project on time and under budget. Our Project Managers have years of experience managing architectural projects from commercial interiors to multi-billion dollar airport maintenance hangars.   Clients include organizations in the private sector (XM Radio, VW) and the Government (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, the Army Corps of Engineers, GSA and NIH).

Value Engineering Services

Our expertise in the value engineering process gives you a fresh set of eyes on a project early in the design process so that we can help guide the owner in their decision making.  Value engineering (VE) empowers owners to keep the architect/engineer on target to maximize the project’s defined goals. UII helps the VE process by having staff members that keep abreast of industry innovations and regulations and apply that knowledge to the life cycle economics of each project.