Calibration Program Management

UII has successfully demonstrated its capability in assisting the Navy   to manage and coordinate the implementation of the TRIDENT test equipment Calibration Program over the past twenty-six years. This management experience permitted the timely development of estimates, forecasts and actions needed to support routine and emergent issues, without adversely impacting other aspects of the program. In this respect, UII can assist you in the development, management and implementation of your calibration or test equipment program by providing the following critical tasks on your behalf:

Calibration Program Implementation  

  • Function as the focal point for the coordination and monitoring of program actions
  • Initiate, investigate, coordinate and provide unique or alternative concepts to improve program implementation
  • Develop program and technical milestone documentation to fulfill program objectives

Program Planning and Costing

  • Develop and consolidate plans for streamlining and implementing improved program efforts
  • Assist and/or develop budget and costing estimates for supporting your effort

Development of Program Documentation

  • Research and create policy and procedural documentation for program implementation
  • Provide assistance in the development or revision of technical documentation
  • Assess the impacts and implications of other documentation on your calibration program