Calibration Data Systems Management

UII’s Calibration Data Systems experience and knowledge has evolved from legacy systems utilizing flat data files to the application of current state-of-the-art relational data base and web technology.

UII’s range of calibration data system experience runs the gamut of inventory accountability, acquisition of correct source data, provision of timely and accurate recalls, closed-loop feedback information and subsequent data generation and up-line reporting.

UII’s capabilities in this area are readily available and can be tailored to meet your specific calibration data system needs.

Relational Master Databases

UII helps you achieve efficiency throughout your entire organization through:

•  Application of process and product oriented software

•  Integrated Web-enabled application software

•  Contingency processes to cover data transfer interruptions

•  Data storage guidelines

•  Automated data transaction tracking to document all data actions

Source Data Interface Correlations

With Source Data Inteface Correlations, you have the capability to:

•  Exchange data from multiple-source inputs

•  Automatically access source data through interfaces

•  Reformat and cross reference data to optimize utilization

•  Standardize data formatting and protocols

•  Automate validation, verification, and integration of data

•  Perform comparative analysis of source data

Operation of Calibration Recall Systems

UII can optimize your test equipment data management by providing a local and/or area wide recall system to control your calibration support requirements