Calibration and Life Cycle Support Program Support for Strategic Systems Programs

The Challenge

Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) required Test and Measurement Equipment (T&ME) Calibration and Life Cycle Support (LCS) Program Support for the TRIDENT submarine system.

The Solution

Based on Fleet Ballistic Missile and TRIDENT workload, UII provided the analytical definition of standards requirements, calibration recalls, and Service Package Standards for C3/C4 BackFit (BF) Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) submarines. With our Standards Laboratory certified by the Navy to ANSI/NCSL Standard Z540-1, we are supporting the FBM and TRIDENT programs and function as the primary U.S. and U.K. TRIDENT Inter-Laboratory Comparison Program (ILCP) Control Laboratory UII is also an active participant as an SSP representative in Test and Monitoring Systems (TAMS) Executive Board endeavors, including the AIS, Engineering and Program Management Standing Committees.

The Impact

UII’s Program Support resulted in a highly effective technical management and coordination capability for the FBM and TRIDENT Calibration Support Programs Implementation. SSP operates a highly flexible and responsive information data system of over 600,000 requirements, inventory and calibration history records, supporting FBM/TRIDENT data requirements.