Basic Combat Skills 1

Lesson topics include: 

  • Combat organizational requirements and procedures necessary to perform as a member of a fire team in defensive combat operations and for receiving and interpreting a five-paragraph order;

  • Preparing a fire team plan, the mission of organic weapons, and procedures for use of grenades, pyrotechnics, and claymore mines in a defensive tactical environment;

  • Identifying mines and booby traps and applying effective countermeasures;

  • Basic communication operator functions and how to perform military map reading;

  • Types, procedures, and missions of reconnaissance, security patrols, and convoys;

  • The six articles of the Code of Conduct and the information required to apply the Law of Armed Conflict;

  • Procedures for processing known or suspected enemy personnel;

  • Procedures for performing first aid techniques, field sanitation, and personal hygiene; and

  • Procedures necessary to perform as a fire team member in civil disturbances and to implement antiterrorism measures.

Training Period: 5 Days.