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UII Standards Laboratory NVLAP Accredited


UII maintains continued accreditation of our Metrology Standards Laboratory under the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP). Spearheaded by former Director Richard Cozier and current Director James McWilliams, initial accreditation was the successful result to a formidable effort including application submission, on-site assessment, proficiency testing, and technical evaluation. UII has maintained NVLAP accreditation since June 30, 2004.

 Administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), NVLAP consists of a series of laboratory accreditation programs (LAPs), established on the basis of requests and demonstrated need. NVLAP provides an unbiased third-party evaluation of laboratory performance and competence in specific calibration activities and tests. A NVLAP accreditation is granted when NVLAP determines that the operation is in accordance with NVLAP requirements for quality systems; personnel; accommodation and environment; test and calibration methods; equipment; measurement traceability; sampling; handling of test and calibration items; and test and calibration reports. More importantly, a NVLAP accreditation is viewed by our current and prospective customers as a distinguished mark of quality, ensuring compliance to key internationally recognized standards, such as those detailed in the NIST Handbook. After meeting the requirements of NIST Handbook 150, the UII Standards Laboratory is accredited by NVLAP to ISO 17025:2005 and NCSL/ANSI Z540-1 and operates a quality and management system compliant to ISO 9001:2008.

The UII Standards Laboratory is located in Springfield, VA, about 5 miles from UII Corporate Headquarters. Established in 1985 in collaboration with the Navy's Strategic Systems Programs (SSP), the laboratory serves the TRIDENT submarine system. Through a fee-for-use arrangement with the Navy, the laboratory may also serve other organizations. As the next addition to an elite group of Accredited Laboratories, the laboratory consistently receives plaudits for the quality of its work, communications with customers, and the precision of its logistics efforts. Our extensive Scope of Accreditation is available online at



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